National Handicraft Centre - Maldives

National Handicraft Centre, Maldives, opened on 10th of September 2007 by His Excellency Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom, President of Maldives, is a centre with the aim of promoting and selling quality Maldivian produced handicrafts.

We are envisoned to remove current market inefficiencies by acting as a purchaser and reseller of local handicraft to give these products a better chance of competing with imported goods.

All our products are environment friendly. We maintain quality standard in each and every individual product and all of our products are made by the experts of skillful hands.

We have a variety of quality products on display, please visit our products page for more information.

Potential of the NHC

The handicraft sector has the potential for:

Local economic development (through focusing of production in northern and southern development nodes) employment

* Generation through the increase of market share
Creation of new Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs),
* Growth of existing SMEs
* Creation of handicraft clusters
* Income generation for poorer segments of the population in the Atolls


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