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Liyelaa Products Lacquer work that is locally known as “Laajehun”, is made from a combination of the juice of trees.

Lacquer work has been used to decorate the interior of buildings, and to display the artistry of local craftsmen. In this regard, Lacquer work is used on mostly wood as a coating to prevent it from the weather and to maintain quality of wood for long periods of time.
Feyli Traditionally, feyli has been a part of Maldivian dress and has been a part of the Maldivian culture for a long time with records even as far as 1340s. Feyli was worn both by men and women in Maldives during the monarchy. Men wore the materials on formal occasions while women wore it both formally and informally.  

The hard portion of spine of palm frond or the woody skeleton of the coconut palms are used in various arts of basketry. Like lacquer work, Baa Atoll is renowned for the art. Historically household products such as covers for food, sieves and winnowers are forms of basketry.

These products can also be used as waste baskets, shades for lamps, containers for fruits, etc.

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Thundu Kunaa    
Thundu Kunaa Thun'du kunaa or mat weaving is one of the most prominent, if not the most, of Maldivian craftsmanship. These mats are used traditionally for sleeping, seating or praying. Only a knife (used for splitting screw-pine leaves) is used for making kunaa besides the loom of wood with the reed of split bamboo.

Fine pattern grass kunaa from G.Dh. Gadhdhoo were used as royal gifts in the past when these mats were given as gifts to the Dutch and British governors of Ceylon from the Sultan of Maldives. These were sometimes trimmed with gold lace work.
Metal work    
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