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The branding initiative – Authentic Maldivian Product – is a national stamp/brand to be affixed on locally produced handicrafts to facilitate product promotion and marketing. The establishment of national branding for handicrafts products, Authentic Maldivian Product, and the promotion of this brand is believed to be one of the main success factors to support local products in addition to the setting up of the National Handicraft Center (NHC) .

The main goal of such a brand is to signal to customers quality, local development and cultural heritage. Initial interviews with tourists show that there is a demand for local products, however, that these are often indistinguishable from cheap imported goods due to lack of labeling and the market domination of imports. The purchase of a “100% Maldives” branded product would appeal to tourists so that they know they are supporting the localeconomy.

The Maldives National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is to be given the legal mandate for applying and enforcing this stamp/brand.
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